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The rose inside the book.

As she was packing her bags, she realizes that she was missing something very intensely.

Anu was going to  return her home. Today was her last day of stay at her uncle’s house.

She never knew that, this holiday vacation would become so special for her. She actually started liking this place and friends. She made so many new friends during Holidays.

As she was packing her bags, she realizes that she was missing something very intensely.

All her new friends have visited her and they promised her to come and visit her in Bhopal. She almost cried when they said –“we will miss you, Anu.” But the most dreadful feeling was getting parted from Sanjay . He lives next door from her uncle’s house. He was the first friend she actually made during her vacations.

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UnComplete Love

अधूरी मोह्बत

Together forever

I never felt this way before:)😚😘 .

I am not a very shy person… I  get comfortable once I start to know whom I am with. And this is how I became close to him.
I don’t know what were the words or was it my intuition that made me approach him. By his looks he look ordinary but when I started knowing him ,I realise he is made for me..
It long distance… I know… and I miss him…I Miss him and I message him… (Sometimes I call) .
I know what situation we are in ; I know things will change soon….

Our life will be together…and everything will be good.


PS:- this Valentine is special for me .  I have moved ahead in love:)💜. It’s really feel good to hold  hands of your someone special.
It’s the beginnings love💖💜.

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My Teddy with beard

Having him by my side ,holding him tight.
Pulling his cheeks and touching his beard.

Happy Teddy day
Every girl like soft toys maybe because they are cozy cute and we can hug them. But they don’t hug you back and can’t hold you tight.

Having someone special can give this kind of beautiful pleasure.
I know how many of us want these pleasures in life.


This beautiful relationship where person can hug you and hold you tight. Where you can share secrets and hold them close till the deep sleep .

I want to share one of my beautiful day with you all .
It was after long time when I saw him and I was very excited . He have grown some facial hair.(light beard)
Although he look good when he is clean shave but that day I couldn’t stop my hand from playing with his beard… (Yes! we have this kind of relationship.) Having secret corner to talk about your life and resting your head on his shoulder.
I know it will go further and one day I am going take it their…. But for now we are enjoying these moments.

Having him by my side ,holding him tight.
Pulling his cheeks and touching his beard.

PS:-( for those who know me personally)
I much more excited to see some people reactions who will later know whom I am dating.
Let them make guesses…

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Never shared my chocolate

When I was in 7th grade I used to like a boy…

It’s chocolate day 🍫🍫
When we think about chocolate. Our mouth automatically starts watering . Chocolate is everyone favorite. Not  a single person can say that they hate chocolate .
And when that chocolate is eaten together with someone ,who is special .Its increases Sweetness in atmosphere.

We know that if  you want to bring smile in someone face or want to change their grumpy mood you can give them chocolate.


I want to share one such incident if my … When I was in 7th grade I used to like a boy…
That time I was very  possessive about my things… Specially about my chocolates… I hate to share my chocolates with anyone .
One day when I was eating my chocolates .. I saw that this boy was constantly looking at my chocolate ….
So that day I had done a thing ,which I still remember . I offered him my chocolate… I shared my chocolate first for time anyone .
Oblivious because I liked him.
I still remembered the smile which was in his face after he took that chocolate from my hand.


It doesn’t matter what age we are in or how different we are. Some times even a small piece of chocolate can create a new relationship.
Happy Chocolate Day…. Share your chocolate with your love ones.🍫🍬🍭

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