Recovering from breakup and anxiety.

Yes , i am woman who is passionate about love … but who still want take things slowly…
yes , i am woman who have desire both physical and emotional . i am screwed and i act bad ass sometimes.
But I am bold, I am strong and I know I would survive without love.


Dear readers,

Do you felt like your life is getting into too much mess? You want to cry loudly…. Shout out for help … but you don’t want to feel embarrass. Currently I am going through a lot of mental break down. I have started talking to myself too much… (May be this some kind of depression)… sometimes I laugh at myself for silly reasons …i just feeling embarrass when I am typing this. I know people have bad habit of judging you.gir sad

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Love should be real 

It shows your commitment…and that’s why I don’t trust you. 

A lot of times I wonder…will it matters to you.  Or how important I am in your life….I have accepted that it’s doesn’t matter how  much time we spend together. We are simply trying something to find in each other. 

Last time we spend  a little time together…you know it could be more of us together…if you haven’t went to play cricket…because I asked you in advance about your schedule. 
It shows your commitment…and that’s why I don’t trust you. please click here to read more 

My Dirty 🙊 imagination list./ My Problem list. 

.I am not ashamed of my feelings….but I am always confused. 

I am  a deep thinker….my thoughts have no limits…sometimes it’s goes into such a pit that it’s difficult for me to come out. 

There  are reasons behind these kinds of thoughts…it’s actually because I can’t stop thinking about others.  My thoughts get influenced by the judgemental feeling of those around me.

I don’t want to judge others but when l see the consequences…. I start making predictions which almost/ nearly gets true. It’s one of my power. 

For example: –

  •  1)I made predictions about separation of two  persons (hint)🤔 . They are not happy together.  My judgement was made on basis of their behaviour…and I am feeling guilty as if ;it was I who separated them. 
  • 2) It is about my own sister….you know once she told me. I have no right  to write about her personal life.  And I think it’s right . I should not write ..but the only thing is I care about her….and I can’t see her being dumped once again. 

My own personal life is also a mess.  I have done so many mistakes…”it’s true! I have no right to judge.” But they are just my views…I am not ashamed of my feelings….but I am always confused. That is the reasons I have question Mark ?  expression in my face every time. 

I know ; I have less number of readers…but it would be interesting if any of them could just  share there experiences with me regarding the following questions: –

  1. Have you ever  fall in one-sided love? 💘
  2. If you  never had desire  to be kissed? 💏
  3. Always fall for wrong person.
  4. Have  you been dumped more than twice? 🖓
  5. Feelings cheated by life.👎👎 
  6. Want to kill someone  very badly. 🗡🗡
  7. Your boss never gives you holiday. 📉📆🗒
  8. Your crush loves someone else. 😝🙏
  9. Don’t want to get married. 💝💝
  10. Want to get power to control your life. 
  11. Want to have money without hard work  

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To help me out. 

PS :- Wishing happy Diwali in advance. 💣💣


प्यार कुछ मेरी नजर से 

जिन्हें गलती करने पर  घर पर छपल  और लाते मिली होगी

  •  मैं  ये  लेख हिंदी  भाषा  में  इसलिए लिख रही हूँ ताकि  मेरी बात सबको समझ आए ।

आज कुछ हुआ जो मुझे प्यार की सही परिभाषा को याद दिलाया।/
तो मैंने सोचा कि क्यों नहीं इस बकवास को  सभी के साथ साझा करू।

मेरे विचार में प्यार में कोई बुराई नहीं ।पर किसी के प्यार  में पड़ना  एक बवकूफी हैं । काफी लोग ये गलती करते हैं । 

 मैंने भी यह गलती की ।।।😁😁

पर समझदार वो  है; जो अपनी  और दुसरो की गलती से  सबक  ले। ‘जवानी ‘ ,एक ऐसा समय है ;जब प्यार जैसी गलती मामूली सी बात है । पर जवानी ,ही ऐसा समय जब  एक गलती जिंदगी भर का सबक बन जाती हैं । 

मैंने  एक समय देखा; जब मैं,  एकतरफा प्यार में पड़कर बिखर चुकी थी । उस समय मैंने बहुत गलत फैसले  लिए । पर  इसे पहले मैं अपने भविष्य का सर्वनाश करती, मेरे बड़ों के आशीर्वाद के कारण मैं सम्भल  गई

अब बड़ों का आशीर्वाद का मतलब मैं क्या बताऊ?  वो काफी समझदार लोग समझ ही गए होंगे- जिन्हें गलती करने पर  घर पर छपल  और लाते मिली होगी ।😂😂😂

जी हाँ मुझे भी मेरी माँ ने ऐसे लतड़ा 

आज भी जब मैं प्यार जैसे शब्द के बारे में  सोचती हूँ, मुझे माँ का प्यार ही पहले याद आता है । फिर सच्चाई तो यह है की प्यार सही समय पर सही  इंसान के साथ बहुत किश्मत वालों को ही होता है ।

प्यार तो  आजकल मिनटों में किसी से भी हो जाता है ।पर यह प्यार ,इतनी मुश्किलों को अपने साथ लेकर आता है; कि कोई इसे करने से पहले दस बार सोच ले।

किसी व्यक्ति से हमें प्यार विभिन्न प्रकार से हो सकता हैं । :-

  1. एकतरफा  प्यार ।
  2.  छुपारूतम प्यार।
  3. डरपोक वाला प्यार  ।
  4. खुलेआम वाला प्यार ।
  5. टाइम पास वाला  प्यार ।
  6. सच्चा वाला  प्यार ।
  • एकतरफा  प्यार । आज भी कितने लोग  इस  मोह में फंसे हुए है । कुछ तो समझ  जाते हैं  और  कुछ तो समझते ही नहीं । दिल के बार बार टुकड़े होते हैं  पर फिर  भी ये लगे रहते हैं ।
  • छुपारूतम प्यार। इसमें  दोनों ही ओर  आकर्षण होता है ।सब समझ भी होती हैं ,लेकिन सब कुछ छुपा कर करना पड़ता हैं । जमाने की नजरों से बचना होता है ।  हालात के साथ ;ये कभी भी बदल सकता हैं ।
  • डरपोक वाला । ये वाला प्यार तो छुपारूतम प्यार के जैसे ही होता है ।बस फर्क इतना है कि ये कभी  आगे नहीं  बढ़ सकता है । डर के कारण ये प्यार खामोश हो जाता है ।
  • खुलेआम वाला। ये वाला प्यार तो छुपारूतम प्यार के बिलकुल  उलट है । जहाँ  छुपारूतम  प्यार में  सब छुपा करते है । इस मे सब खुलेआम होता है । हर social media sites  में अपने प्यार को दिखाया जाता है । रिश्तेदारों की मंजूरी की भी जरूरत नहीं होती ।
  • टाइम पास वाला। ये वाला प्यार  बड़ा ही निकम्मा प्यार होता है । जिस व्यक्ति के पास करने के लिए कुछ नहीं होता वही निकम्मा व्यक्ति  दुसरो के दिल के साथ  खेल खेलता है ।
  • सच्चा वाला।ये वाला प्यार तो बहुत किश्मत वालों को ही होता है । कुछ ही सफल व्यक्ति है; जो  इस प्यार के सभी पड़ाव को सफलता से पार कर पाए हैं । इसमें दोनों ही व्यक्तियों को  आपना सब कुछ खोना पड़ता । जिसने ये कर  लिया  ,उसे प्यार में PhD के साथ; स्वर्ग भी  नसीब होता है ।😂😂👏👏❤

P.S. ये सच की प्यार को समझना मुश्किल है । मैं तो बस  अपने  दिमाग के फितुर  को  खतम कर रही हूँ । अगर आप लोगों को कोई दिक्कत हो तो मैं कुछ क्यों करूँ । आप को कौन सा वाला प्यार हुआ; अपने सुझाव दे सकते हैं ।

Life is never simple 

Life is not about only good things …. It is also about things…which you never expect….

My life is just going through some phase…which I have never expected … although today I am independent … but I feel very much disappointed.

It is because; my all imagination about a wonderful life is getting shatter one by one.

I am at that point of time where I just want to relax…. But my mind is constantly working…and now it is over loaded.

You know what, I know some day I will reread my own post and smile on what I am writing.

….So now readers …if you are going to  read my post …. I am warning you … it is all about life shits…👉👉..

The truth of my life 

If you found me silent …just know that I have storm inside.

Last year I got job.  I knew my family  (parents);  were more happy than me.

I left all my hobbies for them. Infact I have to live separately from them.

In few days ,I got use to it. But they don’t know that how unhappy I am. 

I can’t sleep properly ,neither I eat properly.  It  already affected my health. 

But mostly ;It effected my mental health.  They don’t know how depressed I am; when I found myself all alone.  

Sometimes, My days are not good…work pressure and living among strangers makes me cry.  I wish someone just know ,how it’s killing me.  I am sacrificing myself for happiness of my family.  

P.s. If you found me silent …just know that I have storm inside. 

CURRENT STATUS “Thoughts about marriage.”

It’s said “never run back to what broke you.”
But also “never forget what made you strong.” And I know in my heart…what it was….

After being defeated by love….I simply believe marriage is separate from love.

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First close Encounter with the chief minister at Mukya Mantri Kanya Daan Yojana.

I am quite excited today. Sometimes we don’t know what would happen with you or what can happen in a day.   Please click on the link 👇

Loneliness and independence 

How it’s feel to be alone.

​At age of 26 you don’t want to loose your independence but than you are alone and    at that moment you realise how much you are dependent on someone for happiness.  

There are things you could do alonelike:-

  1. Listen good music. 
  2. Sleep without disturbance. 
  3. Cook your favourite meal
  4. Dance 💃like  mad person 
  5. Take tour of new places 
  6. Go for shopping  

But than these things be useless when

  • You listen good music and it remind you of someone you love 
  • You sleep without  disturbance but you dream of that person being with you 
  • You cook food but it tasteless and you are eating alone 
  • Dance like mad person but there is no one to witnesses your madness 
  • You take tour of new places but still you are a stranger 
  • Go for shopping but there is no one who could carry shopping bags with you. 

Moon Light story 

There was a Ghost dancing  under the Moon Light

Imagine you are alone in night out at some place where you can’t imagine someone else to be. 

You are happy and feeling of ecstasy is running all over you.  You dance in that silent song only you could hear. You giggle and jiggle in your own laugh. Night at own is what you thought. 

But suddenly you turned around and shadow of someone unknown peeks at you.  And you lose the sudden  madness in you… Now you act sobber like nothing has happened ever and run down to your personal  corner. 

To scold yourself and assume that no one have notice your craziness. 

And if they have not remembered you they would Say –

“There was a Ghost dancing  under the Moon Light. “

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 above link if you want to read in full version  in  Hindi