(Social media Experiment) Watch “Day 2/ final video blog” on YouTube

I did got some good experience🗣


So ,it was really fun posting your own video for two days continuously…

I tried to grab attention… actually😂😂😂

25% successful although…75%failure.

I enjoyed myself….as if hosting a TV shows without any proper presentation….

At first I thought maybe I could continue doing this if I had got proper results….

But then… I decided to give a pause to the project but the things I learned are:-

  1. It’s going to be time consuming.
  2. I have to present myself properly.
  3. I laughed very much during the whole project.
  4. I can’t Do it smoothly.
  5. I have other pending works….(I am talking about office work)so no extra time.
  6. Although my friend supported me … He didn’t knew that he was part of an experiment.
  7. I did lose my mind for two days.Because I wasn’t feeling better about myself.
  8. I got confidence like anything…
  9. I talk to people with less hesitation now … (Introverts problems)
  10. Sorry I will Do my best later.

So thanks to everyone who participated in My Social media Experiment…

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Watch “Day 1 introduction.😁😂” on YouTube Channel

just for fun

Hi,Basically I made this video for fun ….self talking is good … So, I am sorry… I am sharing it😂😂😂

Watch “Introduction trailer” on YouTube

video blog

So here’s I am, my first vlog in Hindi. Obviously many of My readers don’t know me so they can read more about mycovertlife in this blog …

#social media experiment

Recovering from breakup and anxiety.

Yes , i am woman who is passionate about love … but who still want take things slowly…
yes , i am woman who have desire both physical and emotional . i am screwed and i act bad ass sometimes.
But I am bold, I am strong and I know I would survive without love.

Dear readers,

Do you felt like your life is getting into too much mess? You want to cry loudly…. Shout out for help … but you don’t want to feel embarrass. Currently I am going through a lot of mental break down. I have started talking to myself too much… (May be this some kind of depression)… sometimes I laugh at myself for silly reasons …i just feeling embarrass when I am typing this. I know people have bad habit of judging you.gir sad

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The rose inside the book.

As she was packing her bags, she realizes that she was missing something very intensely.

Anu was going to  return her home. Today was her last day of stay at her uncle’s house.

She never knew that, this holiday vacation would become so special for her. She actually started liking this place and friends. She made so many new friends during Holidays.

As she was packing her bags, she realizes that she was missing something very intensely.

All her new friends have visited her and they promised her to come and visit her in Bhopal. She almost cried when they said –“we will miss you, Anu.” But the most dreadful feeling was getting parted from Sanjay . He lives next door from her uncle’s house. He was the first friend she actually made during her vacations.

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Desperate in love

I am 20+ and many of us by this age have relationship stuff, commitments and lots of you may you know

Hi, dear readers …. 

I am preoccupied by love….. Yap … this is how it is.

And it’s a long story …. Which starts many years back… but here at this post I will be discussing how to overcome the feeling of love.😛
I am 20+ and many of us by this age have relationship stuff, commitments and lots of you  you know… sex XOXon…😝💏 oops don’t go so deep.
But  I am particular focusing about is -“how it is to be a single woman.”

Soon after the college when I graduated my main aim was to get job… and become self independent. Which to irony in Indian society … because you know it’s like another version of dowry demand.

I got job but I lost many things …( which i am not going to mention).

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