Thank God ! We never kissed,

How was your first kiss ?

Have you ever regret your first kiss ?


Thank God ! We never kissed.

Friend request

How many friend request have you send to your crush?

Did he/she accepted it?

What did you do next….. 

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Dust on Love Letter

Have ever wrote any letter?
What it feels to read an old love letter.?

यादों की धूल Dust on Love Letter.

UnComplete Love

अधूरी मोह्बत

‘My Everydaylife ( office life)’

No one knows what will happen with them in a day.  When I wake up eververy morning I actually don’t   feel like ….You know what I feel like ?  I feel like -” I have to fight for survival.” 

  • I never thought my life as trainee accountant will be so tough.
  • Sometimes i feel like i should giveup. Its not that i don’t trust God . Actually I don’t trust people .. I feel my everyday is war… 
  • Most of the time my Boss is pissed with me. I am trying very hard,but sometimes i feel why me?  I don’t deserve this. But then i realize its just a practice and soon i will get used to it. 
  • It’s  good  sometimes ,when you work under a moody   boss.They make You think for quick solutions to your problems.
  • When you are totally surrounded with people who try to  influence you,then you must become Walnut. 
  • People will try to judge you.. (Remember you cannot make everyone happy)
  • Some will think of you as doormat  , but have patience !. You know your days will come soon.. And if they cross the limit you show them who you are. 

Actually these are my survival policies. Sometimes i don’t even bother about -‘how people treat me’. Because i don’t even listen to them properly ,unless something matters to me. But sometimes i have to ask for help…You know  there are alway some good people around you who cares for your being…(I am thankful to you sir, for being there and backing me up.) 🙂

Ps:- these survival policies  are general..