Clothes with Good memories

I am not a girl / woman who had lots of privileges during her childhood.But yes ! whatever it was ,it have lots of good memories. 

Today was my work off , and I was home with my family. When you grow up   ,you can’t escape from responsibilities. Well , I am still youngest member in my family but ,I have my part of responsibilities. I do little bit household work and in Indian culture being Girl ,and knowing household work is mandatory . (I rebel sometimes) but i have to do my personal work like arranging wardrobe.

My mother asked me to do it in morning , because  I was feeling lazy , I thought to do it in  afternoon  before she knocked my room door .

I put out all my clothes on my bed so that I could arrange them in systematic order( old and new ). 

I didnt knew I was arranging bundle of memories ….From the time of innocence to time of being responsible. From being teen to a woman. I was time traveling.

Every Shirt, skirt, pants and dress I have wore had so many memories.  My first date , first crush , picnic , birthdays ,family and friends,love life . I cherished everything in that one moment.

For a time I was stuck in that time. I wished I could wear them and travel to the time when those things happened.

But the reality was bitter , I have to keep them aside . 

I closed my wardrobe and sat thinking about it . May be new clothes will bring new memories.