Ending 2016 and end of innocence

Another year ending…. With lot of memories . Some are good and some just make you cry. I never thought this year will end like this…

How should I describe…. A totally turning point of my life . It just that things have changed so much in a single year… I can’t turn back. Being strong is only option. A bigger challenge!

Let’s count changed things

  • I have too leave my hobby of animation.
  • I have no trustworthy friend ( still not sure).
  • I have to be responsible for my deeds. (No kidding ).
  • I am single for Sure .(Because my boyfriend doesn’t even know I am his girlfriend)😛😛
  • No more grudge ( sab ko maaf kiya), even though I still wonder how I can kill them.
  • Holding a respective position in office,but still lost in some way.( I still dont like my job).
  • I am not same any more ,living life full of solitude .

Just thinking what else now… When I know …what I want…. From life.

Peace in heart and life . 

Just thinking  if I will get married next year (Ha Ha😁😁 still kidding ! 


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