Some day I will be Married

It’s Marriage Season everywhere in India


and I am…

I should tell whole story first from my point of view…. (Obviously I don’t know his )

On 8-11-16 morning… I asked him will he marry me? (This was the question running in my mind from so many days…. ) I thought  he would say yes! (May be not in serious way but …to make me sure and satisfied for a while ) because I was not chatting with him properly and there were some of my reasons… But you know what ! I didn’t knew it was a changing day of my life.

Til 8 pm he didn’t reply…. And suddenly PM Modi announced demonetization of 1000rs  and 500rs note …… It was big news all over India. I thought may be because of this news he is not answering…

I waited whole month…..

I didn’t even called him (my Ego….yes ! I have a big one.)

 This time I wanted to see it… Whether he is really interested in me.. Or just faking around.

And you know..then  I lost my patience ,I don’t even bother now … Because he didn’t replied till now… 

I have seen many heart breaks … But this one was like …without any noise!

Its December month and hearing news of your batch mate marriage … Make me think have I become eligible for marriage…

Yes!, it just feel like I am left behind… But I am not ready yet… (With this broken heart… No! Not now..)

I will be married…. In future , some way happy. May be with someone who would accept me with my defaults.

But  for now enjoy who you are!, How you are! 


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