Ending 2016 and end of innocence

Another year ending…. With lot of memories . Some are good and some just make you cry. I never thought this year will end like this…

How should I describe…. A totally turning point of my life . It just that things have changed so much in a single year… I can’t turn back. Being strong is only option. A bigger challenge!

Let’s count changed things

  • I have too leave my hobby of animation.
  • I have no trustworthy friend ( still not sure).
  • I have to be responsible for my deeds. (No kidding ).
  • I am single for Sure .(Because my boyfriend doesn’t even know I am his girlfriend)😛😛
  • No more grudge ( sab ko maaf kiya), even though I still wonder how I can kill them.
  • Holding a respective position in office,but still lost in some way.( I still dont like my job).
  • I am not same any more ,living life full of solitude .

Just thinking what else now… When I know …what I want…. From life.

Peace in heart and life . 

Just thinking  if I will get married next year (Ha Ha😁😁 still kidding ! 


Kiss under misletoe

why this idiot boy don’t understand ?” .

Christmas night Short love story(in hindi) 

(for हिंदी  रीडर click the लिंक)

Everyone were Dancing and Singing with happiness. It was Chirstmas night.

They both were dancing hand in hand , matching beat to beat. And Suddenly a romantic song started playing , thus they separated themselves from dance floor. GIRL moved to a corner and sat on a chair, BOY moved and stand beside her. GIRL asked BOY to come closer with help of indication. As the boy bend closer and put his ear near girl face so that he could hear her , She said ” I love you” and very lightly her lips touched his cheek . The Boy said “I think I am getting more mad after dancing.”As if he didn’t heard what she said  and he moved to dance floor once again.

The Girl saw him moving in dance floor and thought “why this idiot boy don’t understand ?” . And she too moved after him in dance floor.

Some day I will be Married

It’s Marriage Season everywhere in India


and I am…

I should tell whole story first from my point of view…. (Obviously I don’t know his )

On 8-11-16 morning… I asked him will he marry me? (This was the question running in my mind from so many days…. ) I thought  he would say yes! (May be not in serious way but …to make me sure and satisfied for a while ) because I was not chatting with him properly and there were some of my reasons… But you know what ! I didn’t knew it was a changing day of my life.

Til 8 pm he didn’t reply…. And suddenly PM Modi announced demonetization of 1000rs  and 500rs note …… It was big news all over India. I thought may be because of this news he is not answering…

I waited whole month…..

I didn’t even called him (my Ego….yes ! I have a big one.)

 This time I wanted to see it… Whether he is really interested in me.. Or just faking around.

And you know..then  I lost my patience ,I don’t even bother now … Because he didn’t replied till now… 

I have seen many heart breaks … But this one was like …without any noise!

Its December month and hearing news of your batch mate marriage … Make me think have I become eligible for marriage…

Yes!, it just feel like I am left behind… But I am not ready yet… (With this broken heart… No! Not now..)

I will be married…. In future , some way happy. May be with someone who would accept me with my defaults.

But  for now enjoy who you are!, How you are!