Sunday Story….. Special

He was just a Crush


About my Sundays.

It was Sunday …. A usual Sunday.   Which mean Sunday Mass and prayers.
But for me it also meant a glimpse of someone…. Yes!  It is also a chance where I could see him. I know I have moved ahead …. Which means  I am not at all affected by those feelings… But still !…its like that ….if I  could see him.
Even though I am afraid… If I got caught staring him… I know he  will ignore…

“Dress normal… You are going for prayer”. This is what I said to myself.. “You are not going for seeking attention.”

And then after a while… When Mass get over… And people coming out of church. I wait….
I wait …if I could see him in this crowd..
I search for his face… In groups of people.. Every where…
But what  if he has not come ….
What if he has gone early… What if …..etc etc

And then I console myself …it’s good that I was not able to see him… You don’t feel anything … Why to be sad... He was just a Crush

PS:- Some times Sunday bring lot of memories… Specially I miss those Sunday class…. Although I was not sincere at that time….
This post is not about just one person…. It all about that time… and memories.**** post updated on 11-9-16

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