Facing world

Hello! To everyone who reads my blog.

Today I thought to write about my life updates…. Well! I already know it’s not so interesting….but then it’s not so boring….. (Currently I like how it’s feels.)

Earlier I used to worry because I was jobless… Unemployed… And now I have a job…(not my favourite one) …. But at least  I have job.

I don’t get much time for myself…. No much writing, no animation…no making new friends.
But then I know how it’s feel to be alone…. Responsible… And being surrounded by lots of unknown people. 
Knowing how to deal  with them…. Facing gender difference. (Working among 24 men and me as only female.)
I don’t talk much in office… Just official work.
Having no human being who listens to your problems really feels sad, but I pray to God… It’s like talking to your inner self… To get solutions .
I have started being practical….
Its like facing real world… facing your problems.

while traveling from home to office i enjoy view of mountains and forest… yes, i travel everyday from proper develop city to an undeveloped town.
but then it bring change in atmosphere… bringing me near to nature…
sometimes I feel that i should carry a canvas and brushes to paint those landscape I see every day. it’s peaceful and natural. the most enjoying part is music… i never take off my headphones from my ears when i am in bus.. listening to my favourite music tracks.
and this is how i am living my life.


Here are links to my 5 favourite tracks
kabhi jo badal
kasak uthi mere mann
jeena jeena
kuch kam
PS:- I know how music help us to survive.


Can we be friends again?

No foul games…
Even no breakings of hearts again!

Just the way we use to be friends …

Could we be friends again,
Can we forget what was between us…
Like nothing had ever happened.
And then I can smile at you…
So, that you can talk to me…

No misunderstandings,
No foul games…
Even no breakings of hearts again!

Just the way we use to be friends …
Sharing trust..and moments together,
Like old days we remember.

Can we be friends again?


PS :- having a friend who can listen to you is a gift… And I miss that gift…. Some one who argue with you ,but also listens and understands your every word which you say and not say.