Grudge I had.

Are you dead ? Or you are a ghost never leaving my mind.
If you are alive , then please answer my every doubts.
If you are as true as once I have imagined….the never ending love which you claim. Is it still there ?  I want to know.
You made me jealous and let me had the grudge.

I search for feeling that could end it forever;
and never let me have that pain to suffer.
I choose right thing but never properly move on…
I am not happy nor satisfied, but don’t see what wrong.
Loneliness is still ; what you are in , and independence from your thought is  what I need.
I will not be the same again ,


These lines are about my grudge. I was totally broken when I wrote these lines…
Many of you may have such feelings for a person who have hurt you in past and made you suffer.  Have you ever thought ; what would happen if  whatever bad feelings you had and you said or thought about that person …suddenly starts…would you be happy seeing them suffer????.
Even though you don’t want them in pain (because you still love them ) , even though you can’t undo things. Would you like,if they  get hurt ?


Sometimes forgiveness is only thing you can give… Let them go and have peaceful life.


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