I am the under dog

After two weeks  of my new Job  this is what I found about myself -“I am not perfect”. Actually I am still an Under dog.
Whom ever I meet, they start measuring me. They judge  me ,even if  they don’t know me . They usually ask me to do things which  is perfect /right in their eyes.
Sometimes things turns more difficult until I make myself calm by saying “I am still learning.”


So,this is what happening in my life.  I am struggling hard. And most difficult part is- “I  can’t even talk much about it.” 
You know talking about yours own problems will give others chance to laugh or to have pity on you.
I don’t want anyone to laugh or have pity on me.

The Good part is I know how to cope up with things and peoples. I am slow but I know how win.

PS:- I am going to change my language from English to Hindi.  My next post will be in Hindi.


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