Childhood love

Last month (February) went well. I didn’t face any problem except some of the issues of my life which are still unsolved. Things are going as usual …. Which means; there is nothing new going on.

My life is as usual bore and tasteless .  Sometimes so tasteless that even my boyfriend doesn’t show any kind of interest in it… you know it’s not his problem that I am very boring sometimes … the problem is me. And that’s why I don’t talk much about it….

I feel hopeless sometimes because I don’t have job or anything else to do… (🎎 Like getting married or engaged ). Even the fifth grade kid next door has far more interesting love life than I do have.

Yes, fifth grade kid  are having love affairs nowadays. Isn’t it surprising…! They are having so interesting love affair that I am going to write a story on it….(because I don’t  have any other work to do😜)

So, here it is….

I was chilling in veranda of my house, when neighboring kids ( Ashish , Abhisekh and Ankita )   were playing  some kind of board game. It was there exam holidays.  I was not much interested in them until Ankita (older of all kids) asked Abhishek about his girlfriend. Then I wonder how a fifth grade kid is having a girlfriend….. (May be she is his class buddy ….) But they can’t have girlfriend- boy friend relationship.

Ankita – “Abhisekh!  Akansha  such main teri girl friend hai?”(Abhishek h, is Akansha is really your girlfriend?)

Abhisekh-“ha, usne kud mujhe yahi kha ki who mujh se  pyar   karti hai .”(Yes, she herself said to me that she love me.)

Ankita – “tu bhi use pyar   karta   hai kya ?.” (Do you also love her?)

Abhisekh –“ha, karta hu par Ashish bhi use se pyar karta hai .”(Yes, I do but Ashish also loves her.)

While I was listening to this whole conversations I was wondering how kids of fifth /sixth grade  could ever have such love issues where two best friends have fallen for same girl and now fighting for her love.  Ankita who is older of all kid and in eighth grade is solving their love issue.

PS :- The whole conversation between these kids made me wonder how much advance is the coming generation is, by the time they will reach my age I don’t know what will happen.  Secondly, I know love can happen at any age and with anybody .(which remind me of my favorite novel  Flipped ).

If I wanted … I could have written whole conversation between Ankita and Abhisekh , but I didn’t wrote because … it’s like judging them . I too have fallen in love at their age  …..You know how childhood love has lot of memories…sometimes we cry and sometimes we laugh.

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