Roses with thorns

Even the Roses have thorns!



It’s Rose day, when you give rose to your special one by giving them rose flower as symbol of love.
Rose flower are special and beautiful because it’s not only symbolize  love but it also shows its real meaning.

Roses have thorns.
Most of us usually avoid thorns, like we avoid fault and flaws of person.
It’s truly shows the true meaning of love. When  you love some one , you accept everything in them(even thorns).

It’s really difficult to find such love where a person who could accept you with all of your flaws.

If you ever be in love with someone,first let them see your flaws. If they accept you ,they really love you.

PS:- When I was  small kid. I never understand what is so special about the Rose day. One day I saw a  boy giving rose to a girl. And that day I saw that happiness for the first time in real life (other than movies). Although I was small kid that time, but I know giving flowers can create magic of love.🌹🌹

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