Confusion of average student

“The best part of being average is that we could do anything in life because we are good in everything and have  lot of hidden talents.”



Today was my first job interview. It was good and after completing some job formalities, I know I will almost get the job. But still I have fear. It’s a kind of fear which I have always got.
I still remember after 12th when I didn’t score as expected by me, I was very much depress. I had just score 52.3 % and manage to pass 12th exam. My parents were really unhappy.
I thought my career ended and I would not be able to take admission in any good college. I was thinking to take drop, but then I got seat in Govt. College. That time I decided take things seriously. (But I didn’t take this decision seriously.)
I was an average student from beginning and I never tried to go above average but I never performed below average. That was the time I started giving attention to studies and stop my all other hobbies such as -painting drawing, writing and also dance.
After three years, when I had completed my graduation I realize that I have not participated in any other curricular activity that I could add in my resume, which also mean I am talent less.
I again started having the fear of being a loser. Where some my friends already knew what they are going to do after graduation; I was hopeless and without any interest. I knew if my parents pressurize me I could rebel very badly. But they have not said anything …..They just wanted me to do something i.e. take action regarding my career.
I wanted some more time so what I did was that I continued to post graduation. And after I have completed my post graduation in year 2015 and have completed half of graphic designing course; when I know what potentials I have ….. I am still feeling that fear. I know I could become a graphic designer, a digital artist, a blog writer, an animator and also having degree in commerce with diploma in computer application. I still have that great fear.
When everyone start expecting much from you and you know ,you can’t do it. It is utmost fear of my life.
I have capabilities but I cannot do everything at once, I learn things slowly. This is what I am.

PS: – Many students are giving exams and creating path for their future careers. But sometimes it’s difficult to find way at once. And they become confuse. I know from my experiences.
Although I know today’s generation is much advance and have easy access to all kind of information but not every child is genius
But every child has unique ability of their own.

“The best part of being average is that we could do anything in life because we are good in everything and have  lot of hidden talents.”

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