Love Remorse feeling (part-1)

Dedicated to -“A”
Today once again I saw him in my dream. I am not going to mention his name. Once upon time, I had feelings for him, but now I only regret it.
He was smiling in my dream and I was just gazing him. I don’t know why? This is happening often now days. And when I open my eyes, he is gone…. Like; he was never there.
When we like someone, we often think about them too much. They become part of our sub conscious mind and we never know how deeply we have got attached to them.
I am not guilty that I dreamed about him…. But I have regretful feeling because I am still connected with those feelings, which I should not have for him.
I am avoiding this feeling of guilt from last five years…. And I have successfully escaped from these trap feelings. It’s like cheating your own self.
But what I could do other than running….. I am not ready… not mature.
It is not that I have finally accepted it…. I know what I have gone through …. And now I know how to deal with it.

PS:- You know how its feel like …. and  some times it really hurts… I am not done with it.

*this post really had some of my emotions attached….. for more  read next post.


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