Wishes For The Year

It’s the ending of year – 2015. Whenever I question about how this year have pass, the answer comes automatically in my mind – Memorable.
This year have given me many gifts with unforgettable thoughts.
As I was celebrating Christmas few days ago, I was wondering how  could happiness have come to my door ?

God does well at the end. Yes, he really does.
This year was   full of challenges and struggle ,but god gave me power to overcome my fear and help to become a fighter .

Now, I have become more confident and I know who my supporters are. I know whom to trust and who are secret enemies.
Although I have got so much this year but still I have lost so many things. Firstly, I lost my whole group of friends after post graduation.

I know even we say “will be in contact of each other”,we hardly talk or message each other.
That also when I say -“may be I will make some new friends”, but I also know how tough it is to forgive and forget.
Sometimes, the friends who have long ago walked out of your life just come and shake your whole life. Would you ever forgive them? Even though you know you can’t trust that person.
This is what life is all about, when you really want some break and you can’t stop.But it’s life you have to living it.
So, this coming year 2016 I wish everything goes well and thrilling. And I also wish that this coming year I accomplish some more of my wishes.



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