Wishes For The Year

It’s the ending of year – 2015. Whenever I question about how this year have pass, the answer comes automatically in my mind – Memorable.
This year have given me many gifts with unforgettable thoughts.
As I was celebrating Christmas few days ago, I was wondering how  could happiness have come to my door ?

God does well at the end. Yes, he really does.
This year was   full of challenges and struggle ,but god gave me power to overcome my fear and help to become a fighter .

Now, I have become more confident and I know who my supporters are. I know whom to trust and who are secret enemies.
Although I have got so much this year but still I have lost so many things. Firstly, I lost my whole group of friends after post graduation.

I know even we say “will be in contact of each other”,we hardly talk or message each other.
That also when I say -“may be I will make some new friends”, but I also know how tough it is to forgive and forget.
Sometimes, the friends who have long ago walked out of your life just come and shake your whole life. Would you ever forgive them? Even though you know you can’t trust that person.
This is what life is all about, when you really want some break and you can’t stop.But it’s life you have to living it.
So, this coming year 2016 I wish everything goes well and thrilling. And I also wish that this coming year I accomplish some more of my wishes.



Never discussed openly

Many of you are not going to read it, many of you will just see the picture ,which I have made and think what actually it’s about. Some of you may not even understand and not even bother to read or have a look.
But still I am going to write what actually this is about.
As you can see there is a girl standing in this picture with a man who have put his hand or touched the shoulder of the girl. You can see the face expression I have tried to make in girl’s face which is actually anger or disagreement or annoyance. The man face had a certain madness and crazy expression, it’s not normal expression.Something which devil have in his face.
I want to express a story which actually  happen, it’s a discomfort faced by many women. It’s a fear faced by many of us.
It’s one of my reality which I have never discussed openly. Even if I complain, I fear not to disclose my true identity.

During December 2014, I was offered  a part time job. I was in final year of my college and I thought doing job would give experience which would benefit me in my future career. The person who offered me job was a sales manager in an insurance company and the post he offered me was of an insurance agent. The job was private and due this reason  my parents strongly disagree about my working in private company. I have to make my parent understand about my reasons for working and thus they have to agree.

Before started working as an agent I have to gone through a training program, during which I got chance to interact with many other candidates who were going to work as agent like me. I started liking the job and the corporate environment. The sales manger I was working under was showing every kind of support and I did not felt by his way of conversation that, he had any other intention in doing so. Everything was going well; I had friendly and formal conversation with everyone in my team. Most of them were girls of my age, so I even had some friendly chat with them. And in few days I completed my training , now I have to give a final test after that I would become company ‘s associate agent.

A day before test the sales manager appreciated me for my achievement and told me that now I have to start working as professional and start searching for customers. He discussed with me all kind of tactics by which I can get customer and then suddenly he started asking me more  bold and personal questions. Being honest I did answered some of his questions and some of them I dodge by giving confused answers. Then he asked a much unexpected question “do you think in future I could become your boy friend?”
For a moment I was really confused and  I don’t know what to say. I thought he was just kidding with me to check my reaction. I replied by saying “sir, you are already a good friend and I respect you sir.” My reply was general and in friendly tone. He said he understands and then started talking about his dreams when he was young (which means when he was of my age). He told me more about his family, his wife and his children. Although I was less interested in knowing about him and his family, I have to listen because he was my boss.
On the day of exam the manager told me the venue of exam and I said I can go by my own means( scooter), but he offered me that he will take me to the venue and wait for me outside till my exam gets over. I thought he is doing this because he is worried for me and he actually want to know my results, but I was wrong. After the exam when I told him that I am passing, his face expression change into kind of mischief happiness as if his one of secret plan got succeed. He said “now you officially belongs to me” { ab toh tum humari ho gai}
I was happy too, that is why I didn’t put much of attempt in understanding his word, which actually meant that now I can’t escape from him.
The next day I went to meet him in my regular office meeting hours. It was part of my job to meet the manager and arrange meeting with customer. Although that day I didn’t had any information about the customer, but I wanted to discuss some of my problems regarding my job i.e. I couldn’t be regular for work as I was college student.
As he saw me in office he was very happy and he said “first day of work, common we have meeting with a customer.” I went with him think that it’s a meeting with customer but then something else happened. The person with whom we were going to meet was not available so, the manager took me to a lake view site (a place in Bhopal).
I asked him why we have come here; he said “I am coming at this site after long time, so I wanted to glance at lake for some time. Many lover and couples were roaming too. I just wanted to go back because by that time have realized the real intention of the manager, which was not good he just want some alone time with me. Because till that time he openly started flirting and I was not at all interested. In fact my moral background didn’t allow me to be intimate with a married man who is nearly age 35 . I warned him by saying that his wife would not like this and in the office his seniors would never allow such behavior. (There are many things I could write in detail but I find it inappropriate to do.)
He got indication that I am not woman who could easily take his ill intention with silence, thus he said “don’t understand me wrong .You are younger than me and new in this type of job , here we have to become bold and frank with each other. I am just trying to be friendly with you. If my gesture felt inappropriate, I am sorry for that.” I said “I understand that sir, that you are being friendly but I belong to a conventional family and my moral don’t allow me to behave such.” I even told him to main a proper distance between a boss and subordinate.
After this whole conversation  he  even said “I don’t want my seniors and co -worker’s to know such thing about us so please don’t discuss about this with them.”
The next day I left the job of insurance agent. I don’t regret about this whole incident but felt bad because I couldn’t understand why people with ill intention cannot be easily identified.
Well, it was my courage that gave me strength to stand against that wrong thing that day. But I never discussed much about it with anyone. I told about this incident to my parents the very next day when I left the job.
It’s a message specially, to all those women who have faces  such situations. Please stand against such wrong things.

PS: – This incident was real; some of it was my personal experience. The sales manager didn’t try to harm nor did anything inappropriate. (As I didn’t gave him chance to do anything). The only thing I just want to say is stay alert and never trust anyone.