He was standing and waiting for her in their usual meeting place. Every now than he message her and call her in his mobile. Whoever walks by could clearly understand his eagerness. He was handsome young man at his early 20’s. As the time passes his tension increases and still there is no sign of the person he waiting for.
Then he turns and tension of his face disappear, which is now replaced by a smile, for which any girl could die. The girl he was waiting for has now arrived and is waking towards him. She is walking slowly with a flow as if wind is playing for her some kind of music. There’s a smile of nervousness in her face too, as she is blushing from her man.
When she had reached toward him and the distance between them is just a foot, they both could feel how close they have come. Sudden silent in atmosphere could easily be felt. No one speak for a minute.
They have seen each other after a long period may be 6 month or 8 months, they don’t know whether to hug or just shake hands. It’s their feeling they couldn’t hide, the touch they want to feel after long time. The presence of being together once again, the priceless happiness of being for real is what now they feel.
He- “how have you been?”
She- “fine, what about you?”
He – “I too was fine.”

Although, they talk often in phone but hearing each other voice in real is like a music they never want to end. They talk for hours and hours; they walk hand in hand and hear their favorite’s song tracks. Like every love pair you have seen in dating places.
When it’s time to say good bye, the girl couldn’t hide her tears.As he is  going away ;the fear of future insecurities makes her her sad. “Please, don’t go, so early” she says.
“I love you, and I will be back soon”, he says. He makes promise to be back soon and she said to him goodbye.

They make their promise to be together ,without knowing their unpredictable  future.

I find it amusing how many lovers have made such promises to be together but can’t keep it for long. I myself have find in real that promises are hopeless… It’s upon you whether to believe in it or break it.

PS:- I have use ‘He and she’ instead of names of characters because I don’t want to give names to them. I can say that here He stand a man/boy in general  and ‘She ‘stand for a woman/girl.

This story is about promises that lovers make to each other during their relationship without knowing their future .