A home to live and Parents to take care.

poor boy2

I sometimes have arguments with my parents; they think I am not serious about my career. This is a kind of topic which makes me feel guiltier about not having a job. One day I had a very heated conversation with my mother that I said “I will leave this house, and not be a burden on you anymore.” The next day I didn’t talk to her, even though I was feeling bad about my being rude to her. I took my bag and went to training institute, a place where I could relax just doing what I always do . I was in institute for three hours that I forgot that I didn’t had breakfast in the morning and was hungry till afternoon.
When hunger started striking my head I forget everything that had happened between me and my mother , I just wanted to rush home to have lunch that my mother made . ( another truth was I didn’t have any money for food because I forget to take my money wallet )
When I reached parking lot to fetch my scooter ,a boy was standing in parking lot who blocked my way . The boy  was asking work in exchange of money ,I said “I don’t have any job for you because I am unemployed too”. He said “at least give me a penny or two so that he could have food to eat as he was hungry”. I said “I don’t have money too because if I had money, I wouldn’t be going home to have food”
The boy moved away but before going he said “at least you have home where you could have food.”
At first I didn’t understand what he meant by saying that, but then I realized he was an orphan and homeless who lives in footpath to earn money and have food to survive.
I understand what he actually meant by saying having home where you could have food.
The thing he taught me that day was never show rudeness to your parents or family even though if they don’t understand you, they are the one who cared for you when you actually needed it.
PS:- I know couldn’t return  my parents  whatever things  they have done for me but at least , I could show some respect to them.