‘The day I was born’- Story of my birthday


When I was in kinder garden my birthday was celebrated for first time in my family. A lot of people were invited and I was not aware what was the occasion. They gave me gifts and wished me happy birthday. It was the first time in my life I understood the meaning of – happy birthday,when people give you gifts and wishes for your wellness.

That birthday to till  this year’s birthday, I never had that  huge celebration..{ May be in future I wish for grand party}

My family never had much of birthday celebrations.There are many untold reasons …. But the important one is that my family never believes in huge celebrations, they believe in having simple happiness. So that was the first proper birthday of my life till now, because as kid I enjoyed taking gifts from people. (And I still do.)
We all believe birthday is very special day of our life; it’s a day we got introduce to this huge world. And its a day we want everything to be good and according to our ways. But what if every things  turn against you on your special day…{you would probably never want that.}
I still remember once in my birthday I got my school half yearly report card … which was really a very scary day. I knew I had not performed well in exams because I have failed in two subjects’ mathematics and science… and to get your report card signed by your parents was the last thing I wanted to do that day… and yes I did have received a lot of scoldings and I cried because report card ruined all my day. So your every birthday is not your best, sometimes it worst.
But what will happen if you forget it’s your birthday and others never remind you or that what if they also forget that it’s your birthday. I still remember once I got wishes one day later my birthday and that I was wondering; why they were wishing me today?{The more important thing was at least they remembered later.}

And now I am very great full to the modern technology of today i.e. ‘Facebook birthday reminder’ who remind you and your friends about your birthday, exception for those who kept it hidden. {For hiding age}

Well, I have kept it hidden too {not for hiding my age}…Because I actually expect too much. I expect that people who are important to me should only remember my birthday …and I want them to wish me without the help of any kind of reminder and that is the important thing…. When we are special ,other makes you feel special without being forced … and this is  feeling vice versa too i.e. when other are part of your life they make you believe they really do and show it to you through their ways.

So, this was the story of my birthday …..

Birthday comes every year …and it gives new memories every time. Its also remind you about your journey and how much ahead you have come in life…introduce you with new challenges  and remind you of your past mistakes.

PS: – It’s actually my birthday today …..{My mother and sweet sister reminded me today}. My family members are the only ones who acknowledge my being and I am really grateful being part of their life. I am actually disappointed a little too because, it also shows how much important I am to others.


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