it’s complicated love – commitment


Love is not an easy thing to do ….. Sometimes there are sacrifices, a lot of drama and sometimes you have to take tough decisions.
When we enter in a relationship…it asks more commitment than you have ever thought in your life. Getting in relationship is easy part, but to maintain it and following it to ultimate level of love is the toughest part.
When I was in love this was the most difficult question that always came in my mind… what after that…certainly the next stage is not marriage (its middle level when love gets mature enough).
So, what’s before marriage and after love..?
It is actually being in commitment to that love you had for the person you love.
It was the thing …which puts in lot of doubts in my mind….

After listening too many love stories which include both real and fictions …. I couldn’t come to any of conclusion.
So here is one of a story based on episode told to me by my friend.
The story is about a girl Naina and her commitment with her love.
Naina was very smart and intelligent. She came in Bhopal for her higher education. While pursuing her college education Naina met a boy who was studying with her in college. They started liking each other. Naina was from a family whose beliefs were traditional. She already knew that she cannot seek future with the boy she loves. And now she cannot look back…. They were committed to each other and were together for three years. Naina thought she will continue her post graduation degree while doing a part time job in Bhopal. She took this decision so that she doesn’t have to get apart from her lover. Although the boy she loves never talks or discusses anything related the future they seek or anything related to being together.
After Naina had completed her post graduation degree, she easily got a good job in Bhopal. But it was the fate that played its game. The boy she loves went away from Bhopal and said he couldn’t return because his family is having some kind of crisis.
Naina did wait one year and half for the boy in hope that he will return. She also calls him often but there also he didn’t reply much except that he loves her but couldn’t be with her.
Naina family has started pressurizing her to return back home and do marriage with the person of their choice. She is totally heartbroken. She is committed to the love of a person she cannot have future…

Conclusion: – Many of us had fall in love with someone we cannot be with ….. It doesn’t mean that we can stop loving them. Yes, it’s difficult to stay truly committed to that one relation …but thing which matters is love and being with one you love.

PS: – I didn’t write what happened in end… whether Naina returned her home to her family or not. It’s actually that Naina is a modern woman who is independent and having well salaried job … do you really think she will return home to her family… Just for getting married to the person she doesn’t even know.


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