SILENCE breaking Heart.

Sometimes I don’t  like to share my story but I know there  are many people out in this world who read my story(secretly)  and relate  themselves with this story. I want to  share the reality behind the words we often called as  love, passion and  feelings etc  but  they are simply words.The reality behind these words are sometimes different….

images (jkToday I will share the story  of  silence between two persons…… obviously the first person is me  and  second person is my silent friend. I wanted to remind him how the base of our relation was  build and which  is all in vain now.

We met through Facebook  ….. a social network site,  may be  that is the reason that now we never talk or chat . OK, I am not saying ..its wrong thing. Everyone meets new people and make friends through  Facebook . But we were not like them (at least this is  what I thought). You told me I am special to you and i trusted you , i told you all my secrets and  insecurities .  Although we were from different cities but one day you came to meet me and i saw your face … the real person you. You were lean and decent. I looked in your eyes ….they were yellowish white ( actually  you told me that recently you have  recovered from jaundice fever.) I still remember how I smiled at you and you were there with me…

Do you remember how we use to  go for dating  …it was fun. I  drive my scooter and you sat behind me. Those times were wonderful and I still cherished them. When we were away, we use to call each others  and sometime during night  we even had …. ( never to be discussed openly) talks. I know times never returns back, but I miss those calls from you.

We were close ..and some times we were like life-partners , we shared ever problems and secrets . I really miss those connections now.

I don’t want to blame you because I  know its not your fault…. long distances , phone bills, internet bills are really are the  things to be blamed .  Now we both are so busy… busy  that I never directly  call you…. or say ” hello!” . We both are trying to manage our own career and jobs….. Do you think I am giving excuse to you ?  may be yes…

I want to be honest ….I want to rebuild those connections again.  But are you honest to me….?  Did you ever said to me that “I am not happy with this kind of friendship  or love or dating system  we both are following.”

“NO,NO, NO and Big  NO”  You never said anything  to me… nor in Facebook ,nor in  twitter , nor  in whats App ,nor in hangout or had a phone call …. or anything  ….there was just a dead silent…

images (8)Sometimes i feel like why ???WHY  I AM doing this….writing a whole blog post on you. ...JUST TO GET YOUR DAMNED attention....AND BREAK THIS SILENCE  between us.

PS:- I know, i am quiet  bad writer who write about her own personal life …But if you have ever seen me in reality  you would  never  be  able to  recognize me because ever coin has two face. 

We all have one such person in our life who  is very important to us. Maybe that person is important because we make them feel important. Sometimes it is necessary for us to remind them, that its relation between us that only matters and not the person itself.


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