Challenges and Being Single by choice.

I am tired  and sometimes I feel like saying ” I quit”,but I can’t leave everything so easily. After so much struggle I want some results whether  it is good or bad.

This was what I learned in past month . I thought I will never write next post after “feelings to Share” ,but look today I am doing it again. (Bad habit of expressing my distress.)

The past month of my life was like flood of changes and I drowned very badly enough. The numbers of events happened one after the other that I didn’t got chance to reveal my feeling of happiness or to cry on the irony of my fate.

1) I finally completed my post gradation degree in commerce.Rather feeling happy about it I am sad because the marks I got are not good . I got second division which is shocking for me. I was regular ,attentive and decent student all these years and result I got after this sincerity was like ….taking shit for your hard work. After seeing my marksheet I was more shocked  , the marks given in one of the paper  were totally unacceptable . When I asked the  faculty  about some kind mistake in printing marks ,they said to me  that I was  absent in this paper ,which was totally untrue . I wrote an application for inquiry and the result I got was that, there was actually mistake from commerce department in forwarding of marks. I requested for correction in marksheet and they said I have to wait for one month for new marksheet. I am tired of waiting because one month  is over and I still have no news.

Once in a week I go to college asking for my marksheet and they reply negative , this incident is about Sarojini Naidu PG autonomous college Bhopal , which is one the best college of the city. I mention college name because if you ever thought visiting this college … Please never go for its reputation. I have given my precious Five years to this college and in the end I am regretting it.



2) The second was good thing that happened . I took admission in design school or I should say an institutions which taught me to express myself in new way. I am learning to draw what I see around me. It’s like I am learning to read soul of people and things.  I am happy because finally I am doing something for my self. But the only problem is learning fees which is costly ; it’s difficult for me to pay fees  every month. Although my family can afford it, but it makes me feel guilty sometimes.

Do you think I should do some partime job rather than depending on my father’s income for fees.???

3) The last thing that happened was that I have stopped pretending of having a long distance relationship …

Yes, I am admitting it that I am solely single , and the person I was thinking to be my man is just another stranger whom I got to know, who made me feel like a good human being but not  good girlfriend or someone special. ( please don’t feel offended or cheated …if you read it. Because if we still have chances I don’t want  to ruined it or I think….

But by the  way you never read anything📄📄 .

PS: Yes, life is full of challenges . I am ready to taste it’s every flavour .

Being single by choice is right thing than getting stuck with wrong person .





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