Feelings to share :- Story of letters…

 I know that I don’t have so many followers or readers who actually read my blog posts. (It’s an ugly truth). The reality is who cares? I am not offended. Everyone is busy in dealing their own life’s problems. And it’s difficult to get someone who read ,hear and understand your thoughts.

I want to thank God for making those brainy minds that brought up these technologies so that we could express our thoughts through these social media sites like face book, twitter etc.
But there was a time when we don’t have this technological advancement and a time when we wrote actual letters.
There was such time in my life when I was very lack behind in technology and I use to write letters and notes, because at that time I didn’t have access to internet or mobile phones.

love note

So here my story of letters…
Some of you might have already read about some of the previous episodes of my life when I was blind folded in my passion of love. After being rejected so many times I still believed my crush would show some interest in me, but instead he mocked about me at my back. One day my sister heard him saying things about me and to clarify the truth she confronted me about my feelings. I was forced to deny my feelings as she warned me to stay away from him. For some time I pretend I don’t feel it but how much I could fake …. Secretly I keep news feeds about him like what he does? Where he goes? Whom he meets? And who is he dating etc, etc… (Just wanted to know he is single or dating someone.)
One day I thought I should say sorry for all my deeds like stalking him and behaving awkward in front of him, so that I could give a fresh approach without expecting anything like affection or reply from him …
He accepted it🌝

I wrote a letter note apologizing it to him… and what happened was unexpected. He actually accepted it.
This was his first positive response I ever got in my lifetime. He said he understand how it feels being rejected.
I was really very happy. It felt so good and light, actually I felt happier because even with those crooked handwriting of mine he understood what actually I means to say him. More than that I thought I got someone who actually reads my words… my feelings.

 PS:- Writing is an art …. And I never say I am expert in it. I just write what I feel whether anyone like it or not . I do it for my own pleasure and satisfaction.