Love: – the great beginning

How much do you believe in love?

Love is a feeling which could never be describe in words. It’s a God gift.

Whenever I talk about love I get some inner happiness which couldn’t be expressed.

Love is not only a beautiful emotion that human being feels, it’s something which greatly affect our life. Right from beginning we feel love of our parents, siblings and friends. But there is a stage in life where you expect more from life because you are desperately in need of love that the love around you is not enough for you.

Thus ,when I had this desperate need what happened was surely you want know because it change my whole life and they never come to normal situation.

When I was a small girl my mother use to narrate me stories of prince and princess where prince was the most charming person and princess was most beautiful. I use to imagine how my prince would look and how beautiful I will become when I grow up.

You know being teen brings many sudden changes and one of the change which I felt was that opposite gender started looking me differently. It was may be because I was growing up as woman and having little craziness in myself.It’s a general feeling.You know how girls are taught to be alert enough around male human being.

My father always tries to be protective and had some kind grumpiness in face whenever I looked him, although now the time has changed him but earlier he was a kind of Hitler of house. I was the only person who lives, laugh and cry openly without any shame because I was the youngest. My entire elder family members always remind me that I am girl and I should be in discipline. But nobody ever stop me for whatever I am doing.

The sudden feeling of love arouse inside me when I was 14-15 something. I actually was a geek and a most irritating person at that time whose friends actually were books and her imagination. Yes, I was like that and boys use to make fun of me behind my back.

I want to get attention of someone whom I liked and try to prove him that I am very special please treat me with respect and love. I did some foolish drama and all kind of things that I still kept it as secret. But most of them is already described in my earlier post* finding true friendship and soothing words is friendship. My only dear friend Anju is my secret keeper…  … In those days I started  maintaining a personal diary in which I used to write my feelings and thoughts, and even kept love letters and greetings for my crush. He never bothered whatever I used to do, like I make greetings for him … buy special gifts and I still remember his birthday. It  hurted my feelings very badly but I took it all because I used to believe that one day he will understand that I love him.I became a secret stalker and really got obsessed in his love.

The feelings I cherished with him never turn me down or got reduced. I still remember how I make excuses of morning walk just spend time with him. I stare at him secretly whenever we were in groups and I even try to get him alone just to talk with him.

I know the early feelings of love or infatuation makes you crazy …. But trust me those are the most beautiful feelings you will ever had.


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