Finding true friendship

We all need friends in life. Friends are those who accept you for whatever you are, they are the ones with whom you share your happiness and your sorrows. True friends are hardly seen in this world. But whenever you get them never lose them.
I have a Chaddi buddy friend; well not actual chaddi buddy friend but a friend who actually looked me when I was miserable.
This is about how actually I met her and how we had our friendship.
She lives in my neighborhood and I knew her as my senior. Yes we studied in same school but in different standard.
Firstly living in same colony doesn’t mean you identify every kid and I was such a rough minded kid that I never approach any one by myself. She approached me and I just said okay to it.

Days passed and we became close, our relation became so complementary. It was like “ek ke sath dursra free”. Nobody could separate us.
She was more talented than me, she could dance, and she could sing and even paint and draw. I always try to copy her and wanted to be like her. This is where I lack behind.

When you had a beauty some people always try to spoil it. Same thing happened with our friendship.
We were growing teens and obviously we had some crushes. Such secrets that we share with our best friend. Mine was cute boy who also lived in our neighborhood and was one of the common friends. I shared every feelings I had for him with my best friend. She was so loyal to me that she always keeps my secrets.
One day I decided to tell my crush about my feelings for him and I asked my friend that will she help me and she said “yes”. I never asked her about her feelings or the way she thought about boys.

When I said about my feelings to my crush my friend was with me like my backbone. But ever thing got destroyed with his “no”. He said he didn’t feel the same for me and actually had feelings for my best friend.

Image result for envy with friendship
Now like every normal girl I was jealous and shattered by it. I didn’t take it well. My friend became my competitor. I just wanted to prove myself better from her . And thus I broke all the melody between us.

There’s a lot more …I need add to it ,but I will continue later…..till than wait for my next post.
PS: – It was my big mistake at that time and there is lot more bitterness that I actually had and still hiding.But I miss that friendship we had.I wanted every thing like before, but sometimes things can’t be change.

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