Trust key in friendship.

“How could you be stupid to tell her our group plan?”

“No yaar! Trust me. I haven’t told her anything important of our plan.”

“No we couldn’t trust you anymore.”

“What! You think I have betrayed all of you.”

These questions run all the time in my mind. They don’t trust me any longer.

YES! Trust is the key of every relation you share……well! Love is another element, but trust is something which is needed between everything.

I was in class 7th, when l learned what trust is and what betrayal can do to your life. It was interclass chart making competition, a competition organized every year by school. But this year competition pattern was different. This year it was a group completion where different group will be competing against each other.

I thought that I and my friends will be in one group but teachers played their masterful game. We were selected randomly and were put in different groups. No friends are in one group.

The concept of teachers behind this arrangement was that we will be able to work as team and no one be leftover. It was bullshit for me. When we don’t know each other properly how will we work together?  But you know teachers are always teacher they wanted to do some new management experiment with us. Obviously we have do work for marks and grades in school. Everyone was eager and excited.  Questions were asked like how? Where and when?

The rules were given:- 1) Every person in group will do some task. 2) Stationary will be arranged by students. 3) Only one team will be winner.

The competition day declared and preparation was being done by every team in free periods. I my team there was – Ayushi, Neha, Varsha, Poorva and me. Everyone put their ideas and skill in project, there was lot of work which I was doing like drawing chart and arranging colors. This completion have transform class environment into some battlefield. Everyone was getting ready for war.  Especially it change friendship!

I was friend with Prati; we were good buddies who share everything about school gossips. That time when it was war in class I thought we are still friends who share gossips.  I was fool to think so!

Prati was my friend.
Prati was my friend.

Prati was secretly making conspiracy of which I was not aware . I was friendly with her as usual and like a fool I braged about my role as drawing artist and material being used. But I never mentioned anything about plans and things we are going do draw. There was only general talk about everything. I thought she is being casual with me as usual but I was not aware how sheepishly she was making me a duffer.

Next day when everyone in my team was working, including me. Prati with her team leader came to my team face to face.

The scene was of like in movies where two opposite parties confronting each other. I thought maybe they were there just distracting us from competition, but no! They were there to mock me actually. There team leader Gunjan said- “Ayushi, I didn’t knew that you were so stupid to give so much responsibility to such a member of your team who talk big about your plan with my team member.”

Ayushi-“I don’t know what are you talking about and none of my team member is such swank.”

Gunjan –“Actually I am talking about Anema. We all knew she is good at drawing but we didn’t know that she is so efficient that you gave her all things to do. We are glad we have some very alert members like Prati who always keep their ears open and are loyal towards their team.”

When everyone hear what Gunjan said about me.They started looking me with dagger eyes. I knew I have committed mistake by trusting Prati whom I believed as loyal friend of mine.  I put forward my side of truth but they didn’t believe me.  That day I was unofficially dump out of team .But I was still in because they don’t have right of putting me out of team without class teacher permission as I was selected by class teacher.

Everyone was seeing me with dagger eyes.

At that time I really wanted to thrash Prati on face, because she broke my trust as friend for just a silly competition. Winning is not always one should think of. On the day of competition ever y team gave their best except mine, because I was there ……but still not there in it.  They ignored me as if I am not present in team. I tried to help them but they just call me dishonest. When the team loss,they blamed me….  I said- “Yap! I did. Karo ab jo karna hai.” One thing happened well that neither Prati’s team was winner of competition. She did all this just to win competition but that day she loosed two things – Competition and my trust.

This incident taught me two lessons of life- 1) Never trust your friend who is also your competitor because they are jealous. 2) Working in team needs trust and understanding.

Ps: – This story is inspired by small incident of my life.It’s not fully true …..Specially the name’s and character in the story.


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