Summer holidays:-The water line and neighborhood families

My colony
My colony

Everyone have some summer memories of their own,mine are many. One such is when we shifted to our own family house during summer. My family was one of the few them who shifted in newly build colony at Khajuri kalan. Like  every new build locality we also faced many problems. One such problem was proper water supply.

Water line
Water line

During that time as the colony was newly build there was no proper water supply because water connection was not taken from municipality. We have to stand in line with buckets to fetch water from municipality water pumps till we got proper water connection. At that time while standing in line we met our neighborhood families who were also there to fetch water for drinking and bathing purpose. We  became quick friends and get know about each other. We enjoyed that two hours of standing in line by playing Antacharadi ie. Singing movie songs .Some times we even share our problems and happiness. We talk and gossips about each other things. Those days were best days when we even being new to place we got use to eachother like we are friends from longtime.

But after years things have changed a lot.Yesterday when due to water connection fault we didn’t got water. We once again were standing in line to get water from municipalities water pump. Again we met our neighborhood families who were doing same, but this time we were neither talking or enjoying ourselves. Instead there were quarrels and shouts for water, no friendliness  as if we our enemies who met after long time to kill eachother. I felt much like a stranger now ,when we had already lived ten years in this colony rather than when we had  newly shifted in this colony.

PS:- The truth is always Sour, adjustments are made. After living so many year in the city where population more than 3 lakh , I have known that everyone gets so much busy in life that we all are strangers to each other. I even don’t know who lives next door and what are their names.


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