It’s Big deal getting admitted to a convent school.

In India its parent who decides in which school their children will study. For me ,I thought its best what my parent decided ,because I was just a 4 yr kid who only knows how to play ,eat and sleep.
Decision was made after long discussion between my parents that which school I should go. My mother wanted my admission in a public school which was near my house and my father wanted my admission in reputed school. Thus I was send to my sister school . Like every child who first have to face admission test, I have also gone through this procedure. But my admission test was bit different, my parent s still tell me the story about it and make me feel awkward.
Actually it was school’s wise principal who took my admission interview and she was nun. It was my first interaction with a nun and I was being very grumpy not even interested that it is my interview.

admission test
admission test

Nun-“what is your name?”

Me- ‘Anee Lakra.'(I was being moody and my answer were straight with no etiquette)

Nun- “what is your age?”

Then she showed me different shape with different colors. First was triangle of blue color, second was circle of red color and so on. I gave her almost all answer but I was getting bore and have lost my patience. So at last when she asked me about names of animals and bird I know, I said – “why should I tell you?” she gave me a stern look. I started looking at my parents so that I could hide from her stern eyes. But my mother looked at me with sympathy said “you know the answer Na beta?” I nod my head .I tried to remember the names of animals and birds and said “elephant, hen, lion …..” and so on. Thus at my first interaction only I got the tag of stubborn kid. The interviewer said although I said almost every answer but she felt I am still weak ,instead of promoting me in new standard she said I need one more year in nursery standard . So I was once again in nursery, instead 1st grade. But at least I got admission in that convent school.

PS:-Studying in convent school in those days was a fuss and for middle class family like mine it, was really something great you have accomplish. But I was unaware that the place I am getting admitted will change me forever.


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