First Interactions with the world

Your first interaction with world is when you go to nursery school, where you meet new persons other than your family member. From that point if life ,its you who decide how you are going to be with the world. Good or Bad it’s up to you.

Being little princess.
Being little princess.

My story starts with a little girl, her name is Anee. Yes, that girl is me. I was different from very beginning. My mother use to call me slow learner, because I learn things very slowly. But I had a very different point of view for myself. I was not at all worried about what others thoughts. It doesn’t matter how many times I have to change my nursery school. I am not going to let them change me. I thought I was some kind of princess and I use to brag about everything I have my dress ,my bag ,my books ,my pencil-pens and everything. My family is not rich or that we live leisure’s life. My father was only earning member of family and I was youngest in family.

My parents gave me what was required like books, clothes, colors pens etc, they were stationary required for nursery schools. I was studying in pr-primary school. “Vivekananda Shishu Mandir” this is what I say when anyone ask my school name.

I was the best in my class. But the truth is no one has ever failed in nursery. I was fool to think that I am superior from all kids and that why I never talked or played with them… But my reality soon exposed when the teacher of nursery class gave my annual report saying that I have difficulty in making friends because I never talk. I was really feeling like -how could she say that? I am a princess. Princess never talks to common kids.

“OK, next year the school is again going to change so I don’t have worry about what have nursery teacher opinion ”, this what I was thought. But next year I was send to a convent school with my elder sister, and from that time my life changed.

Like a flower bud in garden,
Ready to blossom,
Like a fish,
Learning to swim,
I was set to go on my own in this world.

PS:- Every person at some point of time think they are unique from others , and I thought that from beginning of my life.

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